Social responsibility

To always work to build and maintain unity and safe communities, and to foster an attitude of inclusion and cooperation within Australian society.

Living standards

To ensure universal healthcare, and required social welfare programmes to ensure that a minimum acceptable living standard is maintained for all citizens and residents, and to ensure that all critical services are provided along the guidelines of people before profits, these include, but are not limited to, healthcare, education, public transport and infrastructure.


To ensure affordable and high quality education for all students, and to always support scientific discovery, research, technology and exploration with government and grant support. To always work towards improving the quality and affordability of nationwide education and education systems.

Defence and community protection

To build and maintain a  civil defence and emergency preparedness programme, and ensure the continued Defence investment in advanced training and technologies to maintain a world class defence force.

Government accountability

To always be anti-corruption, and base all policies on evidence, reason and logic. And to create policy that will improve the country for current and future generations.


To undertake full nationwide renewable energy implementation, to understand and to act to protect the natural world from unsustainable anthropogenic destruction and to always guarantee that environmental protection comes before profits in all cases.

The Smashed Avocado Party will always consider people more important than profit.

The Smashed Avocado Party will always adhere to the practice of anti-corruption. A member will be immediately expelled from the party (and subjected to available legal action) if they are found to accept money, gifts, land, or other valuables in exchange for favour or preference from anybody that does not represent the country and people of Australia.

All Party policies must be based on logic, reason and verifiable evidence to support the conclusion. Any policy suggestion based on personal beliefs, pseudoscience, tradition or preference is to be discarded until such a time that they can be reinforced with verifiable data and hypothesis.

All party policies must confirm to ethical, compassionate and humane standards.

All party policies must support equality. These include but are not limited to, the rejection of racism, sexism, classism and cultural biases.

The Smashed Avocado Party will not devolve into partisan politics over policy decisions. All decisions must be rational, logical and serve the interests of the people of Australia above all else.

The Smashed Avocado Party will always support a system of meritocracy, positions will not be granted because of stature, wealth, privilege, tradition or favouritism of any kind, but always by ability and expertise.

The Smashed Avocado Party will always recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sovereignty over these lands and always strive for reconciliation and unity within the entirety of the nation of Australia and all of her people born in country or overseas.

The Smashed Avocado Party will never recognise foreign sovereignty over our country or the right of any foreign leader to represent us or our country. In particular we refute the right of the Queen or King of England having any say or power over our will or actions, now and forever.

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