The whole idea of ‘every man for himself’ of having to earn your right to have a stable life, having to earn shelter, or food or health care. Is fucking toxic. We are conditioned to not give a fuck about each other, that any effort to help others would ‘destroy the economy.’ It is an almost Pavlovian response from our society now. Fuck the poor, they should just EARN a future, like I did!

And this is all because we let corporations call the shots. They tell our leaders to jump and our leaders say ‘privatisation is more efficient.’

This is what happens when checks are removed from capitalism, this is what happens when our politicians accept lobby money to remove regulations and safe guards against exploitation. Where profit is the only objective.

This mentality is very, very dangerous.

We need to remove all private money from politics. No exception. No more leaders for sale. Fund all elections with strictly public funds.

We need to remind our representatives that they serve the PEOPLE of this country, not the corporations that bribe them.

We need to root out all the corruption that has infested our government. We need to do this ourselves. We need to do it now.


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